Shang at Shangrila

20151130_201855Had dinner at Shang Palace at Shangrila. Since 1971, this fine restaurant serves Cantonese, Shanghainese and Szechuan cuisine. M someone with a heavy palate, love my steaks, rich sauces and usually coat my food with soya sauce. Shang’s food wasn’t for me but for a healthy change, and for once I could try indepth, clean, fresh and wholesome food prepared in detail.

20151130_191030Stewed Homemade Beancurd Spinach with Abolone Sauce – S$28

Beancurd was nicely done. Sauce was thick but not too rich and blended well with spinach.

20151130_191120Assorted Mushrooms & Fungus with Mixed Vegetables – S$26

Everything tastes fresh in this dish. Same here, nothing overly rich. ¬†Mushroom lover’s will appreciate this dish.

20151130_190742Sheung Wan Style Roasted Chicken – S$28

Googled some background on why Sheung Wan style. All i could dig was a famous roasted chicken joint serving french roasted chicken. Couldn’t find the link to this dish served at Shang Palace but must say this poultry dish was pretty juicy (even the breast meat wasn’t dry). Same style, nothing salty and heavy.

20151130_191051Stewed Ee Fu Noodles with Crab Meat & Egg White – S$24

My fave noodle dish finally came. This isn’t your regular braised ee fu mian with mushrooms. Fluffy egg sauce coated Ee Fu noodles, could have eaten e entire plate if not for sharing.

20151130_201855Cream of Avocado with Choc Ice Cream – S$11

Impressive array of deserts served at Shang palace. Chose this interesting mix and thought it was quite a good blend.

Overall, my tummy for once felt good after all the food. Could feel my stomach shouting thank you! Food wasn’t greasy, very little oil used nothing “jerlat”, fresh ingredients used, sauces were just right. The list goes on. True opposite of sinful food.

Shang Palace – Shangrila Hotel
6213 4473
22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350 (Lobby Level)
Mondays to Fridays 12.00 am – 3 pm
Sat/Sun/PH – 10.30 am – 3 pm
Dinner – Daily – 6 pm – 10.30 pm

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