San Lou – JB Flat Beehoon

20151108_210500San Low came highly recommended by our JB Kakis. And we weren’t disappointed! Didn’t have a clue how to get there and blindly followed Mr GPS. My papago guided me thru some quiet estates and I had some suspicion e navigation was screwed. But light at the end of e tunnel! Finally found San Low, but plenty of cars lined up all over the restaurant clogging e entire residential landed neighbourhood. Every single space available for parking was occupied.

Lady luck shone.. somehow this uncle working here (presumably e traffic in charge) took pity on me after noticing me drive up and down desperate for parking space and directed me to park in front of someone’s landed property right smack in front of e restaurant. He even volunteered to move my car in case e home owner came back! Excellent.

If you wondered how long I took from JB customs to here (Taman Pelangi) – roughly about 15 mins.

20151108_202140.jpgThis place was packed! Luckily it was only wife and myself. If you had a big group you will need to queue. For couples, seating seemed open with “food court style”. Found a table with this couple seated and asked to share which they gladly obliged.

E staff were REALLY busy and hardly had time to take orders. Walked over to e seafood section where shaved ice covered fishes, crabs and prawns. San low didn’t seem to feature “live” seafood tanks but nevertheless, got hold of someone to help me with my order (Rem to approach e order takers, they didn’t seem to attend to diners). Chose 2 mid sized flower crabs, some nice baby sotong and of course e famous flat fried beehoon and a fried chicken dish.

Abuzz with activities, the staff managed everything nicely and showed little frustrations despite orders coming in/out fast and furious. No stress! Always wary of over worked staff who offer murderous stares if you ask too much questions.

Before going deeper into this post, must apologize that I lost e receipt and shall attempt to state rough prices. But eating here didn’t break e bank. Some Msian food joints start sharpening their samurai swords upon seeing your Spore car number plate but this place was cool. Plenty of locals patronize this joint as well.

20151108_210500San Low Beehoon – (Can’t recall how much it was but e small one was roughly RM 10)

Seem to remember another geylang eatery offering this flat “pressed” beehoon. But that was a pretty crispy and dry version. Expecting a similar texture, was taken aback with the first mouthful. Beneath e top layer of slight char and crisp surface, laid moist beehoon which I presume absorbed good quality stock during e cooking process. Innocent looking plate of beehoon with simple veg, small prawns, fishcake and egg had flavours that erupted in our mouths. E lime by e side contributed good zest and remember to dress those mouthful of beehoon with e belachan – marriage made in heaven!

A short note that for 2 pax, you should proceed to request for a portion meant for 3. We learnt our lesson by ordering a small plate and couldn’t get enough of e beehoon that a 2nd plate was ordered! Guess what, I liked e beehoon so much and ordered another portion for tabao.

20151108_210851Prawn Paste Chicken – RM 12 – 15 for (Small)

Pretty normal I would say. Slightly on the dry side but complimented e beehoon.

F-like-FridaySalted Egg Flower Crab – RM 60 – 80

Move aside Sri Lankan crabs! This flower crab’s meat was full of sweetness soaked in salted egg sauce. Unlike e regular spore style creamy style, San Low prepared this dish with predominant curry taste. But curry or salted egg, it sure tasted good. Was cautious as I chose dead crabs buried in mountains of shaved ice but my clawed friend turned out tender and nice.

My last dish was steamed baby sotong but e photo quality wasn’t that good hence we probably skip those visuals. Nice plumy sauce teochew style (pink colour due to cooking e sotong’s body) but do avoid this dish as it was steamed whole and spitting out e inner backbones on every bite wasn’t that enjoyable.

Overall, satisfactory service, relaxed open air atmosphere despite e huzz & buzz, a beehoon worth crossing e causeway for and wallet friendly as well! Will be back with my folks.

20151108_202130Other dishes which you may wish to try!

San Low Seafood Restaurant
+60 11-3505 8916
Jalan Biru, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru
Daily 4:30pm – 1 am

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