Emma’s Tavern Pisa Italy

20140518_035939The date of this blog post was supposed to be dated back in 2014 during my travel to Italy but I didn’t want to create archives hence the blog post is dated in Feb 16. Googled about Emma’s Tavern before this post and found food/service relatively unchanged. Trip advisor testimonials still rated this authentic restaurant as greatly positive.

E travel to Italy back then was to celebrate my honeymoon, as well as explore rustic, traditional Italian food. Adventurous me scouted quiet streets away from busy tourist areas to hunt for restaurants where majority locals will hang out in. Didn’t care much about language barriers! Was determined to try good local food patronized by locals. Had my fair share of hastily cooked tourist fare as owners of such joints know you are unlikely to come again…

Emma’s Tavern came up on my radar after reading about the restaurant Italian Only Menus. Won’t understand what they served if i didn’t understand? Great! That was what i was looking for. Next hour, I showed up at their doorstep for dinner! It was rather late at 8.45 pm and were quickly seated. Uncleared tables suggested they had a busy evening. Emma’s is located about 15 mins walk away from the leaning pisa tower btw.

20140518_045737As expected, was handed this menu full of Italian words. An English version wasn’t available however e Italian waitress mentioned an English speaking staff would come over and assist us with translations. To begin with, the atmosphere was classy yet young, lightings dimmed and boy we were the only Asians there. Had some curious stares from other diners mainly Italians I assumed, who probably wondered what these tourists were doing here. If an Ang Mo were to munch on Bak Chor Mee at Bedok 85, I would probably wonder why too. So.. well. Haha e stares stopped shortly anyway.

On recommendation from the English speaking waitress. We had the following in sequence! 20140518_035829This starter was an interesting one. Beneath the cured meat hid 5 – 6 pieces of home made warm bread. Slightly on the sweet side, the bread complimented the salty Italian meat.

20140518_035939This was served on “craft” brown paper giving it a casual snack kind of feel. Really liked it and this is easily good for 4.

20140518_041727Steak with Truffle Sauce

Stepfanie had this juicy steak dish. Nicely grilled to perfection! Halfway thru this dish, the chef popped by and checked on diners. Didn’t speak much to us thou but my big thumbs up showed our appreciation for e service and food.

20140518_041716Carbonara with Truffle Shavings

Well this dish was virtually pleasing to e eye. Adored e sauce however this hand made pasta was either overcooked in boiling water, or it’s supposed to be like that. The pasta lacked texture but it’s hand made and recognize no gluten was added which gave e regular pasta it’s firm structure. Indulged in this creamy dish, prepared with bacon bits and finished with generous thick truffle shavings.

This place is truly Italian and a Must Go should you visit Pisa. Prices ain’t exactly wallet friendly but e tourist restaurants provide same prices with crap food so this fact should provide some relief.

La Taverna Di Emma
Via Carlo Cammeo, 50, 56122, Pisa, Italy
12.30 pm – 4 pm / 8 pm – 12 am

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