HK – Sing Kee Da Pai Dang

Dai pai dong in Hong Kong Are in a Dilemma of To Be or Not To Be?Visited the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair late 2015, had spare time to visit Sing Kee again! Photo Credit – Sing Kee was my first Da Pai Dang (roadside restaurant) and the only one I have patronized so far. My SOP is always to visit Lan Kwai Fang first, then walk over to Sing Kee. Such restaurants have declined over the years due to hygiene issues and lack of support from the HK govt. How long more could I savour Sing Kee’s delicious dishes? No idea. Makan while I can!

To get to Sing Kee is slighty tricky, been there 3 times and always seemed to miss the lane or flight of steps leading to e correct path. Openrice describes e journey as 6-min walk from Exit C, Central Station. NEVER made it in 6 minutes.. always 15 mins at least. My direction in short is – Just head to the nearest public toilet and across e street there’s this dark alley. A short walk up slope you see this Japanese restaurant, Sing Kee’s on your left.

Full of diverse diners! Blue Collar, White Collar, Brits, Locals, Filipinos always seemed very comfortable despite eating along back lanes and next to drainages. Staff speak simple English and menu displays clear descriptions and prices. Avoid the Steamed Garlic Lobsters thou.. nice but overpriced.

2.jpgPhoto Credit –

20151106_222529Diced Stuffed Three Treasures – HK$52

Came recommended by e order taking chap. HK version of Yong Tau Foo (Eggplant, Peppers and Chilli Only). Nothing near food treasures but interesting mix of YTF Zi Char style. Black bean sauce was just nice, not over salty.

20151106_222630.jpgSteamed Rabbit Fish – HK$45

I thought I ordered a rabbit fish but came this pomfret looking dish, well honestly, I wasn’t sure coz this was recommended by e same young chap. Pomfret or Rabbit, either way it sure tasted fresh. Meat was firm and perfectly steamed. Always wondered how Da Pai Dang managed their equipment, at times they looked as efficient as a full fledge well equipped kitchen. Thinking back.. either the menu had dishes full of black bean style or I had “I Love Black Bean” written on my forehead.

20151104_214024 (1)Stir Fried Liver With Ginger & Spring Onion  – HK$52

Must say I was impressed how the chef managed to prepare this dish. Firstly, the liver is sliced well during preparation (The thickness is impt). Secondly, liver was cooked delicately with hints of blood slowly oozing out after plating. Fast precise wok skills gave this dish it’s tenderness. A must have if you are a liver fan! Simple fare but not easy to dish out.

IMG-20151104-WA0076Goose Intestines With Black Bean Sauce – HK$60

Black bean sauce again! Don’t blame e young chap. I choose this myself. Spore prohibits importation of goose hence you will never find intestines here. Months of craving finally satisfied with this plate above shown. Good chewy texture but not over rubbery, nice “wok” taste if you know what I mean. Subtle Chinese cooking wine, , blended well with e bean sauce. And those with phobia of innards should explore this dish as there isn’t any “smell” to it.

As mentioned, been to Sing Kee on 3 separate occasions. Do not have all pictures available but the Fried Crab w Green Onion/Ginger HK$230, Scrambled Eggs w Tomato HK$42, Steam Scallop w Garlic HK$40 Each, Stir Fried Clams w Black Bean/Chilli Sauce HK$52 is highly recommended as well.

82 Stanley Street, Central
Mon – Sun 11 am – 3 pm / 5 pm – 11 pm

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