Braised Seafood Udon

SAM_5010Enough of CNY steamboats, decided to whip up a dish my family adores. Braised Seafood Udon – Fushion style. My own modified version of e Japanese Fried Seafood Udon. In a nutshell, m preparing Udon in pork stock accompanied with seafood in Cajun Seasoning. 

Lets start with the stock! Would prefer chicken/pork stock but supermarket shelves were pretty dry hence i settled for pork bones. E portion i m preparing is for 4 pax.

SAM_4924Would have preferred a half chix bone to boil together but couldn’t find one. As usual, boil e bone for abt 10 mins to remove “waste”

Meanwhile prepared the following

SAM_4920Peppercorn, half an onion and some cloves of garlic (use e chopper to press and expose some garlic meat)

SAM_4930Dried prawns and ikan bilis is a must. Soak and wash in water first. Drop em into a pan and heat up (no oil at this point). Once e heat dries up any moisture, put in 2 teaspoons of oil.

SAM_4932Fry till crispy. Some may just drop em into boiling water without frying but i insist as frying brings out e flavors.

SAM_4968The stock eventually reduced to half of its original level. Drop in prawn heads and reduce heat and boil for another 15 mins.

Scoop up e heads first, squeeze all e available juice out of em. Drain e rest of e stock. It should look above pictured. E more heads you use, a more orange colour prevails.

Fry Japanese Fishcakes till brown. Ingredients include boneless chicken leg, scallops and prawns. Marinate all of e mentioned with salt, ground black pepper, cajun, paprika, cornstarch. Set aside everything after pan fried.

Heat up your wok with water & some oil. Once you see smoke/bubbles emitted from e water, off e fire and dump in e packets of udon. For 4 pax, i added 4 packs.. big eaters may wish to add on more but do note that extra ingredients will make up your extra appetite. Drain e udon and spill some oil to avoid sticking. Oil your wok and set up high heat, once smoke starts to arise from e wok, throw in e udon and stir fry.

Scoop in e pork/prawn stock and pour in sauce. My sauce included abalone sauce, black pepper, salt, hua tiao, sesame oil and soya sauce.

Let the udon soak up the sauce/stock, reduce and add in straw mushrooms, pre-prepared chicken and fishcake. The stock should be reduced till enough to coat the udon. When that happens add on Shanghai green veg, pre-prepared prawns and scallops. Toss everything briefly and ensure e veg gets 1/2 cooked.

Transfer everything to serving pot. E shanghai green continues to cook even in e pot. If you cooked 100% prior to transfer, e greens would have turned soft by meal time.



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