Jajangmyeon – Chinese or Korean?

IMG-20160210-WA0014A friend treated my wife Jajangmyeon for her birthday and she raved about how good this dish was. She talked about it for an entire monthand I finally found time to head down Tae Woo located Level 3 Clarke Quay Central. Before starting this little review, lets look into e origins of this dish. Jajangmyeon can be traced back to China during late 1900s. When Korean’s Incheon port was opened for foreign trade, a good number of Chinese from Shandong province went in for business opportunities. Chinese restaurants eventually sprouted around Incheon and the dish was modified to suit local taste.

Today this dish, Jajangmyeon or Zhajiangmian, regardless of origin, is thick noodles served with black bean sauce.  The Chinese version serves more minced meat and thinly sliced cucumbers. The Korean version is topped up with much lesser minced meat but heavy on onions.

Back to Tae Woo! I must say this is the best I tasted. The servings are generous as well. Small eaters can share a bowl.

20151231_142621Nice casual setting – you can find the entrance near to the escalator.

20151231_142608Owners of this eatery are Koreans. Not utmost importance but good to know.

20151231_142559Liked the simple décor. Unsure about the lemons and avocado thou.

IMG-20160210-WA001420151231_140515Black Bean Sauce Noodles – S$12.00

Before tossed and after tossed pictures. Black bean sauce sitting on the myeon was thick, black and full of onions. The noodles was blanched al dente, sauce was sweet and rich. Little bits and pieces of minced meat lingered inside the bowl. Usually avoid onions but I walloped all of em. Practically cleaned up the bowl inside out!

20151231_135632Fried Chicken With Garlic Sauce – S$35.00

The myeon had little meat hence this was ordered to satisfy the meat fix. FULL of garlic. nice bell peppers and onions gave this dish some crunch. Must say the flour was slightly thick and chicken was on the oily side. But it did compliment the noodles. One of these is good for 3 – 4. Would rate this 3.5/5 as I can’t express myself well enough to describe this dish.

Tae Woo Korean Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-84, Central, Singapore 059817
Monday to Friday – 11 am – 2 pm / 5 pm – 10 pm
Sat to Sun – 11 am – 10 pm

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