Wok/Pan – Chinese? Non Stick?

SAM_5024The cookware section of Metro & OG is like heaven to me. Holding, feeling and checking out pans & woks gives me the same joys like candy & toys to babies. These wares are very essence of successful delicious dishes. And yes.. m attached to my pans. My last one served me well but I had to discard as it went out of shape. Dumping into the bin made me gloomy for half a day!

To start with, recommend a non stick frying plan preferably Non Teflon material. Firstly, high heat may break down coatings causing release of carcinogenic toxic particles/gases. Secondly, M no expert but cookware makers are now marketing their products to be PFOA/PTFE Free (perfluorooctanoic acid & polytetrafluoroethylene, used in production of fluoropolymers that make up nonstick cookware’s coating). Clearly, brands know shoppers are now more discerning & health conscious.

Cut short the chemical names, ceramic is the safer way to go. So are Chinese woks. Thou Chinese woks, known for their sturdy surfaces, has also been linked to emission of toxic gases, the list goes on. One day Scientist A says drinking beer is bad for you, another day Scientist B says beer consumption prolongs life.

My 2 cents worth! A Chinese wok and a Non Stick Ceramic Pan is all you probably need for all frying purposes. Safe and wallet friendly. Mr Sunny Side Up shall be our demo dish for today.

SAM_5012Myers Anodized Aluminium Chinese Wok

SAM_5014Myers Proforge

Cool name for a wok huh. Sounds like a sports car rim model.

When buying your Chinese wok, BE SURE to follow the sales person’s instructions on oiling, going thru high heat and frying something to char e surface etc etc (‘Seasoning’ your wok in short). Happy with e quality and durability of this wok. Have bought plenty of woks but this was e best! Past woks failed to produce non stick surfaces even with high fire prior to frying.

As you can see, the Chinese wok did well but more oil is required plus prolonged high flames prior to frying. Good if you like your egg rims crispy.


Neoflam Ecolon Ceramic Coated Pan

I sauté my food quite a bit hence chose this lightweight cast aluminium pan. Most importantly, it was free of the 2 chemicals earlier mentioned.

Excellent results. My personal preference to produce a prefect sunny side up egg.

Do note that this was my 2nd “Toxic Free” pan. The 1st “Toxic Free” pan, GreenPan, which featured “Ceramic” non stick coating wasn’t too ideal. Read more below.


Worse egg frying performance. Wouldn’t recommend this. Had to soak the pan overnight as well in order to remove burn stains which stubbornly refuse to go off under scrubbing. The surface chipped after a few rounds of frying as well. Didn’t use metal spatulas as well.

As shown, no sunny results.

Spend quite some $ buying past woks and pans. You may even have spotted me squeezing in between aunties for that front table view of wok cooking demos. It’s at times magical that egg fries nicely sunny side up at demos. The same egg refuses to cooperate when you buy that very wok and try at home. Save some cash by learning from my mistakes.


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