Noo Cheng Prawn Noodles – BOB!

SAM_5123Prawn noodles stalls aplenty in Singapore, but hard to find really good ones. Soup, prawns and chilli, 3 criteria makes or breaks this classic dish. Noo Cheng Prawn Noodles, BOB! (Best of the best)located at Zion road hawker centre, is my favorite prawn noodle stall. My Must-Go at least once a month. NC is not the regular prawn noodles with bean sprouts, fish cake, pork slices etc. Prices ain’t regular as well. Cheapest price starts from $5 bucks with highest at $20 per bowl.

SAM_5117-0$8 bucks with white prawns suits me fine. My SOP is yellow noodles, dry style extra chilli.

SAM_5115My wife’s fave style, soup mee + beehoon. Note that their beehoon is Chu Mee Fen. Dry or soup, generous serving of shallot swimming in oil accompanies your meal.

When I started patronising Noo Cheng 2 years back, Mr Teo Aik Cheng helmed e stall with this slight implanted cheeky smile. He would ask if you preferred ribs or 3 layer pork + some pork skin if you didn’t mind the grease. Seeing some new cool faces recently and straight prep upon receiving your verbal order. Quality remains unchanged thou!

SAM_5064SAM_5119SAM_5118-0Unlike other stalls, wild shelled sea prawns are boiled only upon order. Mr Teo used to slice juicy 3 layer whole slabs of pork before plating. Never seen pre-cooked & dry ingredients behind the scene. Freshly cooked succulent prawns are always sliced into half before serving.

SAM_5127Mildly orange coloured, sweet & rich prawn broth, scooped from e masterpot, is always drained thru a metal strainer into your bowl, done to strain away loads of ingredients broken down from hours of boiling.

SAM_5120.jpgChilli lovers will enjoy it’s spicy savory sambal coated on your noodles. Definately one of the best in Singapore. Highly recommended! Be sure to allow ample time to find parking during lunch/dinner hours if driving. Lots are hard to find, parking uncle/aunties will present tickets fast and furious to illegal parkers.

Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodles
70 Zion Road S247792 – Zion Riverside Food Centre (Stall No 4)
Open Daily 11 am – 11 pm


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