Shi Fu Ge – Mixed Reviews?

SAM_5147Read about Shi Fu Ge’s home delivery services and good reviews. There were mixed reviews, some about not so fresh crabs and some about late delivery,others showed positive comments and generous portions. Tried SFG during a CNY party, not too bad for “catered” food considering the obstacles like condensation, greens turning soft during delivery etc.

Decided to try again today and moved ahead to place an order as pictured. Appreciate that SFG tries to move out of the staple Zi Char dishes and feature dishes like Sambal Hor Fun, Bittergourd Deer Meat, Sambal Petai Fried Rice etc. Short Note : I stay in Woodlands, SFG operates from Senoko hence delivery leadtime is only 10 – 15 minus.

SAM_5144SAM_5145SAM_5156Crab In Da Bag Imperial Pot S$79.90

Since 2014, Louisana cajun seafood boil culture became popular with Dancing Crab & Boiler Room taking lead, several zi char joints adopted “seafood in the bag” as well. Shi Fu Ge’s version had 3 options, Non Spicy, Spicy & White Tom Yum. I chose the Non Spicy Version. For S$79.90, you get juicy mussels, 2 x mid sized crabs, prawns, clams, corn and potato. Satisfied with e seafood except 1 of e crab was not so fresh. Sauce was rich and sweet coming from what i assumed was prawn stock. Corn added some sweetness as well. The potato slices, boiled with the sauce gave it a thick character. Crab roe and crushed peppercorn swam in the sauce as well. Overall satisfied.

SAM_5136Sambal Potato Leaves S$7.00 (Small)

Dish was acceptable. Slightly soft as expected but tasted ok.

SAM_5141Black Bean Deer Meat S$15.00 (Small)

Didn’t taste much black bean sauce. More oyster sauce. Overall Ok.

Fried Mee Sua S$8.50 (Medium)

Mee Sau was well fried with a bit of sauce coated thinly over the noodles. Not too oily as well. Would order this again if I do make another order with SFG again.

Sambal Dry Horfun S$8.50 (Medium)

The name of this dish sounded niche but taste was Ok. Wouldn’t say it’s a bad dish but I was expecting something more exciting given it’s name. Pretty much fried kway tiao with sambal with bits of char siew and vegetable. Dish wasn’t oily and spice was just nice thou.

SAM_5148Salted Fish Fried Rice S$5.00 (Small)

Not too bad. Rice weren’t soggy/clumped up and well satueed.

Overall, ordering experience is pretty seamless. is very straightforward and easy to use. Could have be better if more pictures aided food selection. Selected 6.00 – 6.30 pm delivery and they turned up at 5.45 pm. Early better than late so a plus for SFG.

SFG’s crab in the bag’s crab’ freshness was a slight let down, but overall fantastic sauce and freshness of Other Seafood made up e disappointment. Other dishes were ok. Would order again for days when we prefer eating home than out.
6555 5300
SFG Delivers from 11.45 am – 9.30 pm



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