imageToday we check out Handwerker sausages. Plenty of choices in the markets but this brand stands out. The label spells “Choice cut beef tantalized with savoury blend of traditional german spices”.
First impression was ah.. probaby imported from Germany. But further reading showed otherwise. A Local Product, Handwerker features 5 flavours and today I review my favourite choice – veal sausage.

Prefer my sausage sliced up to fry as i like my inside surface slightly brown.

Pinch of black pepper gave it additional earthy favours. This sausage doesn’t offer you springy textures. Its pretty soft on bite due to a thin outing casing unlike other brands. Tasted hints of onion and other spices which i couldn’t really identify. Overall its tasty, medium in body and not overpowering. Every bite makes you want a second.

Other flavours available according but your preference. (Tasted the chicken sasuage but preferred the veal instead)

imageimageimageimageBought mine from NTUC Finest. According to its FB page, it seems to be available in all NTUCs… Finest or Not.

The above mentioned goes for a uniform price of $5.95. A more premium version priced at $6.95 is available as well. Try the Lamb Premium Sausage (comes in a box), not too bad as well!


One thought on “Handwerker?”

  1. Hi makankaki.sg

    May I kindly ask if you have your aware of handwerker website or email?are they still selling their items in NTUC?I would really like to buy their product as wholesale.



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