Crab Meat Wonton Mee

imageSaw this interesting page on my FB timeline and “liked” it. Launched an investigation on this Crab Meat Wonton Mee e following day. A first Crab Dumpling for me! Perhaps lobster meat wanton mee next? ☺Pretty new stall actually, opened on 9th Jan 2016. Popped by today on a warm afternoon after a seminar for lunch. Wasn’t that packed.. perhaps time was already 1.15 pm. Made an order for e small bowl at $4.00 bucks. The big bowl goes for $5.00 fyi.

imageSure tasted as good as it looked. The black sauce reminded me of how Msian hawkers use in their noodles. Requested for noodles with chilli but didn’t taste any thou. Maybe its on e mild side.

imageNoodles nicely done al dente. Not too soggy nor tough. JUST NICE in my view. Slightly oily thou.. Sauce is more towards the sweet side and enough to coat all the noodle strains nicely.

imageimageHighlights of the dish! The wanton. I must say its different. Not over starched up and comes with a smooth texture. And filling is pretty generous i must say for a crab wanton. Was expecting smaller fill portions. Wrapped nicely and wanton skin wasn’t too thick. Understand high quality flower & Sri Lankan crab are used in preparation of filling.

imageSoup was rich. No efforts spared! Many times i come across good noodles but accompanying soup laden with MSG, but not this one. Every sip brings you to broth paradise! According to Mr Ray Er, stall owner, no crabs were used in prep for broth. A waste thou. Wanted to ask for soup refill but next time maybe.

imageimageNext on fried wanton. It was hot when I sank my teeth into this. A first for me as most fried wanton with noodles comes pre deep fried. Crunchy & Delightful!

imageLimited parking especially during lunch hour but this is e nearest carpark.

imageThere ain’t any prominent signage for block numbers but Crab Meat Wonton is located directly opposite the above mentioned cp. Just look out for this UGS awning.

Overall its enjoyable and truly serves you good value at $4.00. Soup is memorable, noodles prepared well, flavored with lovely sauce. Soup comes with 2 dumplings, noodles comes with 2 fried dumplings, (best of both worlds) not stingy with the char siew as well. Pork sliced pretty thick but cuts are quite small thou.

Will be back soon! Ho Siek!

image560 Macpherson Road S368233
Mon – Sat 7.30 am – 11.30 pm
Closed on Sundays

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