PMK Prawns – Frozen & Good

imageTried this prawn about 6 mths back but somehow forgotten all about this frozen produce. For $7.95/pkt, you get roughly 28 shelled white prawns. (400 grams) Back to the 6 mths story, had steamboat at in laws and on that table laid 2 plates of prawns. One tiger prawns and another the smaller PMK prawns . Funny part was the tiger was purchased from the wet market, PMK purchased frozen from NTUC AND PMK was presumed to be from the market.. as it tasted “fresher”.

Do recognize that wet market prawns may be thawed as well however PMK was like frozen frozen frozen. Anyway, came across PMK once again and rekindled our interesting experience mths back. Scooped up a bag and whipped up a simple pan fried cajun prawns.

imageSupposedly to duplicate taste of prawns caught wild from the sea.

imageBite size, just nice for stir frying with vegetables, noodles or simply by itself etc.

imageThawed inside out and drained of excess water (place in strainer for 5 minutes).

imageSimple seasoning. Salt, black pepper, thyme, paprika and cajun. No need for marination.

imageToss and ready to fry!

imageEnd result. Don’t really know how the farm manages to retain the springy texture of these prawns. Wrote to Jurong Cold Store Pte Ltd who owns the farms and understand the prawns are blast frozen immediately upon harvest & de-shell. Mrs Belinda Lee also explained that their farms are situated near to ocean costal lines and cemented ponds are filled with seawater from the ocean.

Previously bought Argentina frozen shelled red prawns from the now defunct Rakuten, and some other brand of frozen shelled prawns from Giant during Feb’s CNY. PMK stands out as the previous 2 buys tasted like mash on bite.

PMK prawns are farmed in Indonesia and being Haccp certified gave me some assurance QA was under control. Try a blind test on some friends between a fresh prawn & PMK prawn. Will be delighted to hear your comments below 👍

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