Sakura Chicken Rice – Health Matters

imageAn unlikely find within an industrial estate canteen. The canteen at Woodlands 11 presented some interesting stalls like western food  Peri Peri style, Siam Mookata etc. Found this Chicken Rice Stall featuring the all healthy Sakura Chicken! imageA standard chicken rice cost S$3.50. Added a Tofu (Braised Tou Gan), you could choose either one whole pc or half a pc fyi. Rice is grainy and not over buttered/oily, soup normal, braised tofu was nice.

imageAt $3.50, I found value for money with ample chicken meat with generous servings of cucumber and one whole slice of tomato. Chicken sauce had slightly a bit more sesame oil then it should, but glad it wasn’t drizzled onto the rice. If you find it too heavy, just drip if off before eating. Prefect!

imageDidn’t find any “jelly” or much fats beneath the skin. Found the chicken rather tender and clean on bite. Sakura chicken if you are not familiar, are reared using advanced Japanese farming techniques. No growth hormones nor antibiotics are added during raising of chickens. According to Kee Song whom markets Sakura, chickens are reared in an environmental friendly farm and our feathered friends are given ample space to roam about. Kampong chickens are available in the markets but sold as fast as they are placed for sale, Sakura Chicken is the best, next healthier option I guess available in the market.

imageOther interesting dishes will suit all discerning chicken lovers. Noodles, black & white chicken (Half braised half white steamed), noodles and soup as well.

imageDo check out the braised chicken noodles as well! Like it’s mushroom sauce to go along with yellow noodles. There isn’t much chicken rice stalls in Singapore using Kampong or Sakura chicken probably due to it’s higher cost. There is one along Upper Thomson but parking is a hassle. Being located within an industrial estate offers ample and cheap parking. Will be back!

Woodlands 11 Close, #01-46 Woodlands 11 Canteen Singapore 737853

Open Daily For Lunch & Dinner

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