Kam Heong Crab

imageKam Heong Crab (Or Hanyu Pinyin “Gan Xiang”) Crab commonly found in Msia,  is now available in a couple of seafood joints around Singapore. Cooked my Kam Heong Crab about 1 year ago and decided to have another go today! Popped by Sheng Siong for live crab purchasing.

imageThese 3 crabs costed $35.00 bucks, chose e female ones. Honestly speaking, they ain’t that meaty but it was a hastily cooking decision hence made do. Buy bigger Sri Lankan Crabs whenever possible.

imageKilled the crabs using the chopstick method. Test crabs by teasing a chopstick in between claws regardless if Ms Crab laid motionless for a while. If the claws closes up on your chopstick, stick another chopstick into the 1st “wound” as above pictured. One crab closed up it’s claw and refused to let go, glad it wasn’t my finger.

imageKam Heong’s basic sauce is prepared using curry paste as base. Couple of curry paste in the market but chose Indian style, love the bold & strong flavors.

imagePrepare onions, curry leaves, minced garlic and dried shrimps. Shrimps should be soaked in water for roughly 10 minutes and drained. Red onions would be more suitable for the dish. Most online recipes include chili padi but my wife has low tolerance for bird’s eye hence skipped. It would be nice to slice up 1 or 2 padi to your preference.

imageCrab all cleaned and chopped up. Next step (Not pictured), coat exposed meat areas with cornstarch. Coat, as well claws at areas where you knocked cracks. Purpose being to ensure crab meat stays firm during cooking process.

imageEmpty half of curry paste packet. It’s enough for 3 mid sized crabs.

imageSlice a small portion of butter. There are recipes out there which can use up entire blocks of butter but for health reasons, just a bit will do.

image1/2 Teaspoon of Salt. 2 Teaspoons of Sugar and Black Pepper. As usual i always prepare in advance.

imageThis recipe would perform better with thick black soya sauce. The above mentioned brand works perfectly fine! Prepare 2 spoon full and set aside.

imageimageDeep fry crabs to lock in moisture.

imageUsing the same wok, pour out previous batch of oil and leave some behind. Drop in small slab of butter. Put in dried shrimps first and fry for an estimated 3 mins till fragrances emits.

imageSecondly, fry curry leaves with shrimps for approximately 2 mins. Drop in onions, garlic and fry for a further 1 min.

imagePush up condiments to sit on wok’s curved slope. Curry paste in next, fry till fragrant without involving onions etc. Lower down heat at this point preventing charred paste.

imageAdd in dark soya sauce, salt, sugar, black pepper and push down onions, leaves etc.

imageAdd half a cup of water (Ikea Glass) into mixture and bring up heat till sauce comes to a boiling point.

imageToss in all the deep fried crabs prepared earlier and blend in with sauce. Lid cover for an estimated 3 – 4 mins to allow sauce absorption.

imageA little cornstarch water to thicken any remaining sauce. This helps to mellow spices as well. Serve & Enjoy!

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