Bagus! D’Rubinah

imageD’Rubinah has been my fave Indian, Muslim & Thai Restaurant for 17 years. Located nicely beside an Esso station at Yishun further up Sembawang Shopping Ctr.

Busy nights, slow nights, afternoons, evening dinners or supper, food has always been constantly good over the years.

D’Rubinah is a One Stop Shop for all Muslim Food. Be it Prata, Bryani, Maggi Goreng, Horfun, Tom Yum Soup, Sotong, Prawns, Chicken Chop, Mutton Steak, Steamed Fish Thai Lime Style, Satay, Tandoori, Rojak, Kambing Soup, Burgers.. menu doesn’t seem to bear any cracks. Naans alone offers 7 different selections!

My 2 cents view, some restaurants would declare house specials like Tom Yum. Some featuring Power Bryani, others promoting Sedup Satay as their highlights. In D’Rubinah’s case, there isn’t any dishes deemed as special, comforting news is I have tried ALMOST everything there, and wouldn’t boldly comment all dishes are star rated BUT I swear by D’R’s constant quality across the entire menu which never fails to satisfy. Better to have 100 fair quality dishes than 5 highlighted ones? Just their Tom Yum Seafood honestly, outperforms other joints “specializing” in Tom Yum.

imageimageimageDecent variety of Rojak despite having a large menu. Do not miss trying out Naan and Tandoori!

imageDropped by for lunch today and revisited the dish I never fail to order on my every visit – Nasi Goreng Kampong S$5.00!  Back to basics, nothing fancy about this dish, Crispy Ikan Bilis, Chicken Meat, Vegetables, Egg and Rice tossed in the hot wok till perfection. Sunny side up completes my Kampong experience!

Made it a point to order Nasi Goreng Kampong at other Muslim Food Joints but somehow prefer D’Rubinah’s version.

imageAdore it’s semi hard grainy rice, separated nicely and never clumped up. Fried with little sambal, more is littered on the side for fiery taste buds. Every spoonful offers nicely salted fried rice, other ingredients tops up enjoyment. Must Try!

imageimageAs usual, side order of chicken as SOP for me. Marsala Chicken S$4.00 or Butter chicken tops my To – Order list. D’Rubinah’s Marsala chicken tasted the same like how i tried it 17 years ago! Tasted fiery sharp spices like cumin /mustard seeds, soft onion slices and thick gravy covered the chicken leg. Sank my fork into meat and delighted to see sauce seeped deep into chicken rendering lasting flavors in every mouthful.

Personally witnessed previous encounters elsewhere where steamed chicken/boiled chicken dipped in Marsala gravy to pass off as Marsala cooked.

Economically & Logistically, it’s easy to set aside steamed/boiled chicken to dip briefly with butter gravy, marsala gravy, curry gravy whenever an order comes in and “pass off” as “Originally Cooked In Respective Gravy”. Not totally wrong but flavors are certainly brief as well.

imageSteamed Rice Cakes (Idlis) traditionally eaten as breakfast South of India, these goes very well with Chutneys or Just Simply with Curry.

imageJuicy Mutton & more Marsala Chicken awaiting hungry diners.

imageCurry & More Curry. Never sick of consuming them day or night!

imageimageimageimageimageimageMassive menu! Certain parts are only available during certain timings of the day.

imageOutdoor seating & indoor aircon seating available. Good mix of diners of all ethnic races prowl D’Rubinah premises on a daily basis. Muslim “Thai” & “Cina” are some cooking styles to suit all diners preferences.

imageParking’s a challenge in this area. This lane leading up to Esso is the nearest parking but max for 10 vehicles. Suggest searching for lots within maze of landed properties behind restaurant, open air parking opposite Sembawang Shopping Ctr or simply park at the Center itself however be prepared to join long car queues during weekends.

D’Rubinah Restaurant (Specialist In South India & Thai Muslim Seafood)

592 Sembawang Road, Sembawang Spring Estate Singapore 758451
Tel : 67529947

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