Kajang Hot Soup

imageKee V’s  signature dish – Hot Pepper Soup! Located in “Satay Town” Kajang Msia, Kee V serves excellent claypot dishes and particularly known for Sup Pedas (Hot Soup). Hot Soup contents consisted of liver, innards, pork and lots of parsley. Not as Pedas as it sounds, the pepper taste didn’t choke my nose as i thought it would. This popular Hakka dish had really flavorful broth and remember to dip meat into thick black sauce (add some garlic in saucer) for optimal enjoyment. Tasty!

Side Note – Wouldn’t consider this as a “Spore Style” Peppery Bak Kut Teh as it contained Ginger as part of ingredients.

imageimageFu Yu Potato Leaf – Fu Yu (Fermented Beancurd), bird’s eye chili, ginger slices and ikan bilis made this dish quite special. Can be quite pungent if eating for first time. But do try something out of the box instead of the usual sambal style.

imageChicken with Wine (花雕鸡) – Another house specialty! Delightful on nose as well as palate. Chicken was succulent and dark thick sauce was dominated by Chinese wine. Like how the spring onions and red onions stayed crunchy as they are topped up after plating instead of being cooked together.

imageimageSpicy Meat (火爆肉) – Very enjoyable dish. Pork was tender and complimented rice really well. 

All of the above mentioned costed $102 Ringgit. Kee V offers good service, casual dining environment and wallet friendly. Shall be back!

imageYou may be keen in other dishes as pictured

imageCall to enquire about opening hours and rest days as all branches differs



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