Melaka’s SIMPLY Lemak!

imageIn my view, the above pictured is the BEST Nasi Lemak in Melaka. Salehah Sheikh Ahmed’s Nasi Lemak Cafe
was a dish I grew up eating. It used to challenging to buy as this treasured coconut rice dish would sell out fast within hours of preparation. But understand the original people behind this famous Melaka stall has now split to 3 stalls. The original family sells at Restoran Ming Huat after 5 pm, Wan (Their Brother or Cousin) sells Nasi Lemak behind Ming Huat, and another cousin or brother sells somewhere else which I didn’t investigate further. Sounds complicated? Quite but all locations are located along Ujong Pasir Melaka.
imageSSA’s Nasi Lemak’s rice was really fragrant and grainy. Surprisingly pretty dry rice with just enough moisture for this special fluffy texture. To add on, the chicken had nice turmeric, ginger and lemongrass flavors. Sambal had sweet, spicy and sour notes all rojaked together, side serving of Ikan Bilis and nuts provided absolute enjoyment when mixed together with rice, ikan bilis with sambal into a spoonful. Kang Kong and egg were well cooked, no big flavors present, just simply complimenting ingredients everything on the plate like a happy meal.

imageThe success of the dish was very much attributed to it’s rice. Heavenly smell and served on banana leaf. How can you resist? MUST Try!

imageOne could choose other dishes in lieu of the fried chicken, like curry chicken, sambal squid but their fried chicken comes highly recommended!

imageContainer of heavenly coconut rice! Had 2 plates that morning.

imageFamous fried chicken.

imageSambal Squid, didn’t try but shall do so on my next trip.

imageCurry Chicken, didn’t try but certainly looks good!

imageBoss busy at work preparing endless orders of food! No matter how busy, presentation was utmost importance. Our table consumed at least 10 plates and all orders looked uniform and presentable.

imageOther dishes which you may wish to try.

imagePark wherever you see a space. Otherwise there is an open air carpark just beside Salehah Sheikh Ahmed Nasi Lemak. To get here, enter a small lane after Ming Huat which lane’s opening is directly opposite The Portuguese Settlement’s entrance. Simply turn in and you shall see the cafe.

Salehah Sheikh Ahmed’s Nasi Lemak Cafe

55-C, Jalan Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka (Ming Huat Coffeeshop)

Tel : 06-2810246 or Whatsapp Sam 016-7156162

Open Daily 7.00 am – 12 am

Closed Fridays

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