KWH Soya Sauce

imageKwong Woh Hing, history of 60 years of sauce making is my trusted sauce cooking partner. Do skip using KWH time to time as availability is confined mainly via online,¬†which means if i run out it’s a trip to marts to replenish supplies but via other brands. M particular in avoiding chemicals laden sauces, hence KWH’s natural & traditional brewing methods has been my preferred choice.
imageOrdering via¬†¬†is a breeze. Easy to use navigation, and straightforward shopping carts allowed fast selection/check outs. Short note, KWH doesn’t offer online payments hence cash is the sole option. Above pictured¬†bag arrived 2 days after order placement.

imageOrdered light & dark soya sauce 375 ML $9.30 & $10.30 each. Not exactly wallet friendly considering higher¬†price & smaller ML compared to¬†competitors. KWH’s website content revealed strict choice of top grade soya beans for production, manually washed, manually steamed till beans are cooked with purpose of retaining bean nutrients thus resulting in higher costs.

imageSteamed beans are eventually mixed with wheat flour and yeast, left to ferment for 4 days. After this process, beans are subsequently added to tanks filled with salt water to bake under Singapore’s scorching hot sun.

Tank comprised 80% beans and 20% salt water. Light soya sauce requires 1 year! Furthermore, that 100% of bean/salt water mix reduces to only 15% pure bean liquid content after 365 days. Rock sugar further added to remaining contents to finalize KWH Light Soya Sauce production.

To produce Dark Soya Sauce, remaining contents are sun-ed for a further 4 months for evaporation resulting in thick texture. Salute Good Sauce makers for their patience and low revenue endurance for 1st year!

The Light Soya Sauce, in my view was pretty pungent. But pungent meant good flavors, try to believe. Go easy on pouring portions as every drip packs quite a punch. The Dark Soya Sauce wasn’t overly salty and would certainly elevate tastes of dishes. Strongly believe my cooking quality improved partially with use of good sauces.

Watch how thick dark sauce trickles down. Feast for your eyes!

imageIngredients as shown.

imageOther products you may be interested in.

imageHave tried the Sambal, Ginger Chili and Sesame Sauce. Fairly OK in my opinion. Throw one each into your shopping cart if unable to hit minimum free delivery quantity as KWH imposes a $30.00 min purchase. Alternatively, visit KWH to purchase in house.

Kwong Woh Hing

No 5 Defu Lane 9, Singapore 539247

Tel : 62889497

Web :

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