Muar Quan Wei Assam ūüźü

Kajang being Msia’s Satay Town, Melaka dubbed as Baba Nyonya Town, here we have Muar as Otah/Assam Fish Town.¬† Found practically in most Muar Chinese Restoran menus, Assam fish is vastly different from Singapore’s style. SG’s¬†version offers thick sauces with good¬†levels of sour/spicy characters¬†served mainly with fish head accompanied with ladies fingers, pineapples, tomatoes etc. Muar’s version, lighter in taste, watery¬†sauce texture and served with whole fishes.

imageQuan Wei’s Asam Fis (Market Price)¬†Super fresh. Fish cooked just right & served steaming hot. As indicated earlier, Muar’s version of Assam is lighter, you could practically scoop gravy and consume as soup. Enjoyed this dish and a 2nd one was ordered as 1st was wiped out shortly after touch down.¬†
imageBits of onion, ginger, garlic swam in tamarind dominated flavored fish stock. Even tasted caramelized onions showing effortless prep work.

imageAsk for more chili! Wasn’t as spicy as it looked, more sweet notes then fiery style. Complimented rice¬†pre-drizzled with Assam sauce.

imageGolden Sand Tofu $16.00 Ringgit. Tofu was firm and nicely deep fried. Sauce was slightly sweet, topping of carrots and salted fish bits created mixed signals to my already confused brain. Good signals thou. 

imageDeep Fried Dragon Tongue Fish (Market Price).¬†Interesting name for a Sole fish. Found mainly in Muar, this fish is said to be edible head to tail. Found bones to be pretty sharp hence skipped. Fish wasn’t exactly meaty but whatever meat I could scrap off bones was subtlety sweet. Batter was thinly¬†coated with¬†some end fish parts crunchy like chips. Simple yet terrific¬†find!¬†

imageOtah Otah $15.00 Ringgit. Steamed with eggs, middle part of plate laid this slab of Otah. Prefect compliment to white rice or works fine consumed by itself. 

imageimageEgg bomb as locals call this dish. Huge crispy egg fried with yolk semi cooked. Must experiment how chef combined few eggs into seemingly one prefect palm sized egg! Simply eaten as it is or with thick dark soya sauce. 

imageKindo Chicken $16.00 Ringgit. Deep fried chicken served with sourish/sweet sauce. Initially thought this was meant for kids meals but No i was wrong. Some decent extension work as I researched, marination & batter requires some effort, sauce includes vinegar, tomato sauce, sugar, honey, chili and soya sauce. How did Quan Wei balance these up, have little idea but Kindo Thumbs Up. Enjoyable dish to go with Mr Heineken. 

imageSambal Kang Kong $10.00 Ringgit. Vegetables that makes your legs go weak, never believed this myth. But my taste buds did go numb falling in love with this. Once again, mind kept open and discard SG Sambal Kang Kong.

SG’s version, much more spicy and salty, Muar’s version, milder & less oily more sauce. Quan Wei’s chef kept stems crunchy¬†dressed in¬†river of medium spicy sauce.

imageSambal Sotong/Prawns with Petai $35.00 Ringgit. Not a huge petai fan, but this dish contrasted other spicy Muar dishes. Significantly stronger in taste, sambal had evident dried prawn flavors, coupled with fresh sotong and prawns, made this dish front runner for Best Petai Dish Competition (If there was one in the first place)

imageFried Fish Egg was unavailable sadly, understand it’s highly popular as well. Next time maybe. Other dishes you may be keen in.

imagePlace packed during lunch. Be prepared to wait at least 45 mins food waiting time. Initially thought staff were joking when they mentioned their kitchen manned by 1 single guy. But somewhat may be true.

imageRestoran Quan Wei

No. 6, Jalan Perdana 12, Taman Junid Perdana, Jalan Abdul Rahman, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Tel : 06-951 2788

Open Daily 9.00 am Р10.00 pm. Closed Tuesdays

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