Black Truffle/Iberian Ham Chips

imageResponded to a sponsored post on FB, liked and bought. 

Thought it was interesting to “infuse” ham and truffle flavors into mr potato chip.

To start with, the only 2 locations on date of review to purchase Snackgold chips was Redmart & Zircon Swiss at Keong Siak according to the supplier. But the gourmet shop located at Keong Siak was nowhere to be found despite searching high & low.

Undeterred, popped by Redmart and threw 2 bag of Blackgold chips into my shopping cart + some Kee Song Fresh Chickens.
image$4.95/Bag. These chips, produced in Spain, are understood to be hand cooked and contain real black summer truffles (Not Synthetic Truffle Oil). For Jamon Iberico, hand cooked as well and believe to be the ONLY Jamon Iberico flavoured chips in Singapore. 

Honestly, I grew up with Lays BBQ but thought of a switch and try something niche. After all, it’s Ham on Chips? Why Not?

Before you open that black/gold bag please read on. Eagerly sliced open the packaging by hand and took a first bite BUT didn’t result in much flavors i perceived before munching. It was indeed thick chips but flavors just didn’t stack up as described. What I did was to close up the opening, and give the bag good shakes.

2nd Bite, Ah, much better. Guess seasoning gradually detached itself from surface of chips over time. With seasoning resting bottom of bag, a couple of nice shakes got chips back in business!

Once again, I can’t downplay Snackgold, as I grew up with Lays BBQ. Snackgold has an overall divine packaging and ain’t your regular coach potato chips + fave Ellen show kind of snack. It’s probably something you could pair with a bottle of Chateau whatever 1996 French wine. The flavors were mild but obvious Ham/Truffle taste lingered on bite. Just nice and not overpowering.

imageMust say Snackgold won on chip thickness.

imageThis could be the shortest review I wrote. It ain’t negative just probably not my kind of snack. If you have this heavy palate for salty & big flavors + looking for chips to complement your football game, probably not. It’s something you could have with a Musical instead 🙂

Buy at Redmart. You could try the 40 grams bag first for $2.40/Bag & check out those flavors first.

Happy Snacking!

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