Melaka Crab Feast & Coconut Soup!

imageThree Big Circle. 大三元, Tai Sam Guan or Da San Yuan. No matter how this restaurant is  called, it’s screaming crab everywhere! Practically crab on every single table, your table will look odd without one. Da San Yuan’s crab quality was superb. They do not serve huge Sri Lankan Crabs but more to mid sized but ultra meaty ones. The above pictured’s Dry Curry Crab had good, thick Indian style, semi sweet & spicy, littered with loads of turmeric and curry notes. Coated spoonfuls of gravy onto white rice, match made in heaven! Mamamia!

imageGood old Sweet & Sour Crab with thicky & fluffy egg gravy. Singapore’s version of chill crab. Nicely done but fancied other crab dishes, probably ate this a hundred times in my lifetime.

imageMeat was thick, juicy and sweet!

imageKam Kuok Crab or Salt Heat Crab. The menu titled this dish as Salt Poast Crab. Might have intended as Salt Roast or Poach Crab? But whatever, this was my star dish. Firstly, it’s not available in Singapore. Secondly, no sauce comes with crab. Just salt infused into crab. Exactly how it’s cooked remains a mystery to me. No garlic, no sauce, just charred bits and salty style eaten with sweet crab meat. Must Try!

Salt Heat Crabs are also available if you know your way to the Portugese Settlement around Semabok/Ujong Pasir area.

imageTotally dry. Shall investigate on cooking method!

imageCoconut Soup! A first for me. Definitely not the last. Might find taste complicated on 1st mouth, but 2nd and 3rd turned delightful.
imageimageHerbs like Wolfberries, and Solomon Seal left to steam with chicken produced really interesting flavors! Cooling and thumbs up for innovation!

imageCrab well. Crab’s ain’t that plump but really satisfied with shell’s inner meat quantity & quality.

imageEverything happens here! You could just watch these 3 men perform wok action with flame rising above their heads. Grab a table behind them and check out these blokes.

imageOur meal came up to be $855.00 Ringgit for 2 tables. Had plenty of coconut soup, 6 plates of crab, horfun, beehoon, clams and other solid dishes. Expensive a not I can’t really judge unless I try other crab joints forward looking.

Scroll down further for Full Crab Menu. Wonderful array of crabs dishes!

imageimageimageimage大三元‘s mainstream regular zi char dishes were well flavored. Heavy on lard, salt and wok fired dishes. Not your everyday food source but MUST Try if you visit Melaka.

imageParking can be limited along this lane and officers are known to summon illegal parked vehicles on weekdays more than weekends. Disclaimer – Don’t send your tix to me thou if you get one on Sat/Sun 🙂

imageimageimageIt can get really crowded so be sure to pop by early. No aircon seating available, clean toilets and rather messy service at times. Food ain’t crabby that’s for sure! Heard they do take reservations but online reviews weren’t that positive mainly attributed to long waiting time beyond reserved slot.

Hope you enjoy the feast as much as I did!

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