2 Famous Neighbors In Melaka

imageThe above pictured fried oyster is arguably the most famous one in Melaka. Catch wrong timing results in a potential 1 hour wait for a plate of prized Hao Chien or Oh Chien (Oyster Omelette). Mr Lim has been plying this trade selling fried oyster at Bunga Raya Melaka for donkey years. It’s side by side Wanton noodles stall with equally long history which shall be touched on later. There isn’t a name for this omelette stall by the way. It is however located below a large signboard which names the street as Medan Makan Bunga Raya.

imageNo sophisticated equipment, just side metal cabinet for prep work, one large flat base wok and one work station by the side. Old school.

imageMr Lim’s oyster omelette’s secret may lie in this Hay Bi Hiam or dried shrimp chili. Generous servings of garlic, dumped in after constant stir frying of egg and flour water mix adds to the crispy texture. Catch video for frying action below.

imagePrior to above pictured, the wok was full of egg + flour water mix. Mr Lim’s prolonged frying shrinks/reduces ingredients resulting in crispy textures. This obviously takes more time & effort plus more ingredients resulting in high cost of goods. Quality above profits, kudos to Mr Lim. However.. wait up. A regular plate costs $8.00 Ringgit by the way. Big plate – $12.00 Ringgit. Melaka standard – seems pretty reasonable for oyster dishes. What do you think? Dollar to Dollar ($8.00 Sing) is expensive thou.

20160403_214520Heavyweight pan with heavyweight fire.

20160403_21482020160403_21483420160403_215018Same dish on same serving pack but different consistency in texture. Some parts crispy, some softer some slightly charred. Bits of dried shrimp chili all over omelette. Chili wasn’t overly vinegar sour. Had some sweet notes with little spice “oumph”. As seen in vid, Mr Lim uses good sized oysters but constant frying scaled it down. Slight waste if you ask me but it turned out well anyway. Delicious!

20160403_214315Coming to next dish. Equally as old as oyster omelette is simple wanton noodles situated left as pictured above.

20160403_214401.jpgSame here, no name stall. Simply known as Bunga Raya Wanton Mee. Most seated patrons seemed to order noodles + omelette as a pair. Nice to see Malaysia style bikers waiting right smack in front stall awaiting tabao orders.

20160403_214414.jpgOrdered small portion to go with oyster omelette.

20160403_214704-1.jpgNoodles are slightly lighter in appearance compared to Spore style Mee Kia.

20160403_215315.jpgLiked generous serving of minced meat, topped up with char siew & veg. Chili isn’t the regular sambal style, more like Indonesia style pedas chili sauce if you know what i mean. Slightly watery with mild flavors, very much Malaccan style. Very different from Spore oil + dark sauce style. Bunga Raya Noodles were cooked right and had excellent bite.

Finally 🙂

20160403_215415.jpg 20160403_215354.jpg 20160403_215510.jpg 20160403_215503.jpg

Dumpling didn’t have much filling, same goes for most wanton noodle stalls in Melaka. Unsure about other states thou. Soup was clear & enjoyable, sliced char siew was moist, freshly sliced. Vastly different Spore style vs Malacca style. Should really try! This stall is said to be as old as my 64 year old dad.

Bunga Raya Food Fourt

Lane off Jalan Bunga Raya. 75100 Melaka.

Monday – Sunday 7.00 pm – 12.00 am (Wantan & Oyster Omelette)

Oyster Omelette closes every Tuesday.

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