1855 Iwai Jap Whiskey Dinner

img-20160423-wa0015.jpgCo-organized by 1855 Bottle Shop & Mars Whiskey

 (Barworks Wine & Spirits), this fully sold out event saw 90 guests whom made effort to partake in seldom arranged whiskey dinners.

img-20160423-wa0019.jpgHombo Shuzo, nested 798 metres above sea level high among Japanese alps in Nagano, produces Iwai line of blended/single malt whiskies. Founder of Hombo Shuzo, Kiichiro Iwai, back in 1900s was Masataka Taketsuru’s superior. Year 1919, Mr Iwai got Mr Taketsuru to head up Scotland with aim to prefect whiskey production knowledge. Thru this link, Mars Distillery produced delicious brown spirits based on Taketsuru’s original learning hence till to-date, style of Iwai & Nikka bear similar resemblance.

20160421_171900.jpg20160421_171918.jpg img-20160423-wa0024.jpgEvent organizers paired dishes with whiskey starting with Komagatake – Rindo. Very limited with only 8400 bottle produced worldwide, Spore received only about 100+ bottles allocation. Packed a punch at 52% alc, the Rindo had slight peaty characters with honey characteristics and long lingering finish.

img-20160423-wa0022.jpg Mars Whiskey “Cosmo” was my personal fave. This aromatic blended malt, had honey, caramel notes with hints of oak & smoke. Slightly higher 43% gave richer characteristics. Produced using water filtered using granite rocks gave good purity.

img-20160423-wa0018.jpg The Komagatake, Rindo Single Malt, was wiped out by thirsty diners limited to 1 bottle Each to take home.

img-20160423-wa0030.jpgIwai (White Label) – simply named Iwai “Tradition”. Soft, well balanced blended with bourbon & wine cask resulted in fruit driven & smokey flavors.

20160421_192315.jpg 20160421_194257.jpgExcited diners whom paid $138++/Pax trickled in slowly, by 7-ish it was full house.


1855’s exciting whiskey & food pairing line up. My very first whiskey dinner having attended wine dinners before. A fresh experience.


Pan Fried Foie Gras, Caramelized Pineapple & Toast with Chocolate Chilli Paint. Paired with Komagatake Rindo. Foie Gras had crispy outer & soft inner. Married well with dish’s chocolate & Rindo’s honey notes however Rindo had to be watered down slightly via drips of water to reveal further complexity.

20160421_202640.jpgOven Roasted Bone Marrow smeared with Shiro Miso Served with Micro Celery with Smokey Toast. Miso dressing gave marrow contents delicate “fermented” flavors. Sipped Iwai Tradition with marrow on toast allowed smokey flavors to blend together. Almost felt like a toasted oak barrel myself for a moment!

20160421_200022.jpgColour of Rindo VS Tradition. Rindo blended 3 years whiskey with 20 years single malt whiskies. Thou colour may offer clues on aging/body, Iwai Tradition’s bourbon/wine cask gave birth to darker/amber appearance.

20160421_210829.jpg20160421_210921.jpgGrilled Master Kobe Cuisine Ribeye & Stewed Veg with Gorgonzola Red Wine Sauce. M a big fan of massive Tomahawks steaks but this was fine. At $138/Pax, thought inclusion of a nice Ribeye for mains was decent, what more with refillable portions of whiskey. The peppery Iwai “Japanese” went well with Ribeye’s well seasoned S&P steak (Salt & Pepper). Gorgonzola’s buttery/garlicky sauce complimented caramel as well but though Mars “Cosmo” might have been a better candidate.

20160421_214958.jpgDark Chocolate Cake with Shaved Bitter Chocolate and Salted Caramel Sauce. Mars “Cosmo” indeed could have paired well with Mr Ribeye but after sips of Cosmo with cake in mouth, 2nd thoughts developed graduallly. A Scottish lady seated left thought so as well. Best Pairing of the evening!

img-20160423-wa0020.jpgKudos to Culinary team + 1855’s CEO Patrick Sng. Lovely job for seamless food service + consistent quality!

img-20160423-wa0021.jpg1855 Marketing Mgr Ann Kuan with Yoshiki San (Rep for Mars Whiskey Asia Pac)

img-20160423-wa0026.jpgSneak shot by Troy Chan of myself & team sharing light snacks with Yoshiki San before dinner.

IMG-20160423-WA0031The ladies who made this event successful!

Mars Whiskies can be found in all 1855 Bottle Shops islandwide. To locate the nearest one to you, please visit 1855 Bottle Shops List Around Singapore

Mars Whiskies are distributed by Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd. You may also purchase on Lazada or Oak & Barrel

あなたは運転しない飲む場合 - Anata wa unten shinai nomu baai - If you drink don't drive!


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