Gyoza no Ohsho Revisited!

2016-04-24-16.26.51.jpg.jpgGyoza no Ohsho has been my casual ramen dining partner for years. Used to visit them very often during my younger sales hunting days when  prowling town area scouring prospective clients for wines, spirits and beers wholesale business. Passed by Cuppage today & revisited Ohsho my FFF (Food Friends Forever).

2016-04-24-16.25.44.jpg.jpgPirikara Miso Ramen $15.00/Bowl. Ramen with spicy bean paste soup noodles. Pirikara – means spicy in Jap. Not as hot as perceived, and discouraged for “scallion with ramen” lovers as abundance of garlicky tasting Jiu Cai (Chives) in this dish might not suit all tastebuds. It’s something acceptable for me and beansprouts provided crunch in between slurping of ramen.

2016-04-24-16.24.06.jpg.jpgRamen is serious business to Japs. Furious commando style slurping of noodles might be culture shock but action’s very purpose ensures fresh noodle consumption before soggy textures sets in. Ohsho allows kaedama – replenishment of noodles to your leftover broth should you require a second helping.

2016-04-24-16.25.07.jpg.jpgChasyu Ramen $15.00/Bowl. Soy sauce soup noodles with pork, sliced after simmering in soy broth for hours. Bits of fats laced around semi clear brown broth, giving this mild salty soup a clean yet rich meaty fatty flavor.

2016-04-24-16.26.19.jpg.jpgTenshinhan $10.00/Plate. Crab meat & egg with thickened sauce on rice. A Chinese inspired dish, simply Jap rice, bowl pressed onto plate topped with crab omelette covered in soy sauce. Sauce resembled shark fin broth – thick, sweet & salty all in one. Omelette was prepare semi moist and well enjoyed with sauce & rice. Must Try!

Opening ceremony 🙂

20160424_135453.jpg20160424_141321.jpgImpressed how this small kitchen could prepare a menu of Ohsho’s size. Efficient usage of broth, fast hands and good preparation, in my view is only option to handle constant stream of customers day to night.

20160424_135505.jpg20160424_135807.jpgDoubt you have not walked past before but you may have skipped eating at Ohsho. Pop by soon! Check out dining options like Half Ramen/Half Fried Rice deals. Visit Ohsho’s Full Menu for other Jap Makan varieties!

Gyoza no Ohsho
5 Koek Road, #01-10, Cuppage Plaza Singapore 228796

Tel : 67357068

Mon to Sat : 11.30 am – 1.30 am
Sun & PH : 12.00 pm – 11.30 am

Web :

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