Wagyu Steak – JB

imageWagyu.. to be honest, never fancied em. Unfriendly prices,
thin slices (For shabu shabu), melt in your mouth textures were never my thing. Had slight doubts to visit Grill Bar (Pelangi JB) based on kaki’s recommendation recently but went ahead anyway. Btw Muslim friends do note these are Halal Certified Australian Beef. Sporeans – Those who fear kena rob. Row of shop house’s fairly quiet in evenings but nearby hawkers brings in foot traffic around area hence rest assured. Unless you flash your gold teeth constantly, don diamond studded Frank Muller on left wrist, Ceramic AP on right wrist, wear ultra thick gold necklace heavy enough to break your neck, you will be safe.

imagePaprika Grilled Sea Prawns $28.00 Ringgit. Seafood with Paprika truly brings out sweetness of prawns. Smoke & bold peppery favors dominated generous sized semi charred prawns laid nicely on bed of creamy sour thick sauce. Must Try!

imageLobster Bisque + Paprika Prawns. Portions are good to share.

imageLobster Bisque $16.00 Ringgit. Had to go for this, S$6 Bucks, probably price of a mushroom soup back home. Didn’t get chunky lobster meat but liked chewy tender lobster bits. Absolutely delicious I must comment. Strong crustacean taste, nicely salted and wished soup levels never dropped despite my constant furious slurping. Good stuff. Will order again on next visit.

imagePhoto taking posed challenge in Grill Bar’s dimly lit dining environment. Could almost doze off if someone sang a lullaby. Back to Wagyu meats, never a fan but prices were enticing due to currency exchange, why not?

Went for GB’s basic marbling (Yes even with currency exchange I went for entry marbling). Skirt Restaurant’s W Hotel’s Wagyu Steak costs S$118 PER steak. Grill Bar JB surprised with 2 Steaks at that SAME price with quality as superior as good Spore grill joints. Prices increases as marbling gets better (choices available). Liked accompanying mash, vinaigrette rocket & mushrooms. Must warn that melted herb butter might be render your meat a tad too oily. Recommend half portion instead.

Liked thick crushed peppercorns with good salt seasoning layered on surface of steak. Marbling gave soft fat, juicy mouthfeel plus medium rare perfectly executed as requested. M a pretty particular steak kaki, Wooloomooloo’s tomahawk is my kind of big juicy mean meat. Grill Bar’s Wagyu, wasn’t soft soft soft, rather juicy with offerings of nice munching action. Worth 1.5 hrs of Jam to/fro causeway. Knowledgeable Filipino lady whom served us knew menu well. Service was prompt & tidy. Grab heavy Belgium beers offerings to complete experience.

Grill Bar Steakhouse

202, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Open Mon – Fri 12.00 pm – 3.oo pm / 5.00 pm – 1030 pm (Closed Tues)

Sat – Sun : 12.00 pm – 10.30 pm

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