My $15.00 Packet of Hokkien Mee

wp-1463888117323.jpgNot picture prefect as tabao-ed & not nicely plated, but important is packet’s content! Was driving home and passed by Moulmein, stopped by Whampoa Market for Singapore Hokkien Mee. Quite a while since I ate this and packed for 5 hungry folks hence ordered the biggest portion. Whopping $15.00 bucks.
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New Ubin Seafood Wine Dinner

wp-1463817225533.jpgAttended an Kanonkop & Klein Constantia wine dinner co-organized by Cellarmasters & New Ubin Seafood. Heard of New Ubin Seafood’s strict booking system, and had once made a booking but unfortunately cancelled due to timing constraints. It’s so popular you can’t seat as you wish till the cows come home. There are timing restrictions of roughly 2 hours max you could in dine on premises.  Continue reading New Ubin Seafood Wine Dinner

Sushi Airways – Landed On My Tongue

wp-1463404119273.jpgWhilst hunting for the famous Chendol Soft Serve around Baghdad Street, came across Sushi Airways. Thou around for a few years, it was my virgin meal there. Experience/Food was worth a review even thou made me look passe!  
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