Cake Spade Has Moved!

imageFinally more space at Cake Spade! Their previous unit at Orchid Hotel @ Tras Street had limited space at 290 sqf. Their new pinkish location at 83 Tanjong Pajar Rd now offers 1200 sqf of space, accommodating up to 60 pax. Happy For Ms Zenn Eng – Passionate Owner, Baker, Caketender and loads more!

imageZenn started her baking career online before moving on to a brick & mortar store. Her highly secretive recipe till today for her sought after “Tofu Cheesecake”, sold like hotcakes on her former livejournal site back in 2008. Eight years passed, nothing has changed except business got better, showing no absolute sign of slow down.

imageHard to miss this signboard among rows of bridal shops.

imageThe tables you sat on are custom made. Manufacturer and designer followed Zenn’s inspirations and boom! – Nice checked designs, picture prefect with those luscious cakes/cake shakes placed on table top. Specially imported contemporary designed chairs from Korea finished overall look well.

imageimageSoft Serve Parfait $6.90/Cup. Vanilla soft serve – soft creamy ice cream dispensed from this pink machine, topped up with caramelized banana, roasted pistachio bits and maple drizzles. Journey from Tip of Soft Serve to Bottom of cup was AMAZING. Read on.

2016-05-01-00.15.52.jpg.jpgPardon the missing consumed portions 🙂 Pleasantly surprised to “dig out”, at bottom of cup this petite pistachio banana bundt cake. Only snapped this pic when i realized how delicious my first few bites were. Understand it’s prepared warm before topping ice cream to prevent excessive melted ice cream moisture. Must Try x 3!

imageimageSpeculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake $7.80/Slice. Classic All American Cheesecake with caramel cookie crust base. Speculoos cookie butter are classic Belgium cookies baked, crushed into fine powder and mixed with oil to transform into smooth cookie butter. Rich, great cheese flavors! Nice forks as well. Almost felt like slipping em into my pocket to tabao 🙂

imageimageCake Spade’s counter comes with “Non Chilled” section on left and “Refrigerated” section on right/main counter. Savour classic flavors of brownies & crumbles, served straight or topped with ice cream.

imageAmazing how I came to a decision for my order despite presented choices that’s almost regrettable that I didn’t order One of Everything!

Some delectable pics with name of cakes as pictured! Famed Tofu Cheesecake included as well.









imageFull Menu. Check out their Cake Shakes as well!


Still prefer my old school brownies, cakes etc. Joints like 2 a.m with molecular desserts are cool. But not my thing. Swing by Cake Spade soon!

Cake Spade

83 Tanjong Pagar Road S088504

Tel : 64443868

Mon – Thurs : 12.00 pm – 9.30 pm

Fridays – Sat & PH Eve : 12.00 pm – 10.30 pm (Closed Sundays/PH)

Web :

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