Hometown Dishes – Xan Ling

imageXan Ling Segambut, KL offers Jia Xiang Cai (Hometown Dishes) 

– back to basics. Comfort food. Their rice cooking style reminds me of another KL restaurant whom served “Tin Mine Rice” – rice prepared with pickled mustard to go with bak kut teh.


img-20160416-wa0012.jpgKampung style in Kampung setting. Located within industrial estate, no frills dining, no touch & go card gantry parking. Noted dominant use of wooden chairs/tables, the 2nd branch of Xan Ling acts as a showroom for wooden furniture as well. Interesting combi. Imagine one walks into a restaurant, eats and goes “Ah i like the table which I ate on” and orders 1 table for home delivery + a packet of bak kut teh to go along.


imageOut of box Ginger Rice & Preserved Veg Rice claimed top spots booting out classic faves White Rice at Xan Ling. So popular among diners, it could sell at times. Prefer the Ginger Rice $2.00 Ringgit, not as spicy/pungent as it sounds, flavors are amazingly subtle with many going for 2 bowls or more. Health benefits of Ginger Rice seems to treat your health as well or better than Brown Rice. Read here. Rice with preserved veg wasn’t for me with risotto style moisture. Lipton noted that Ginger Rice are weekend specials, unsure that has changed hence good to drop Xan Ling a msg first before anticipation turns into utter disappointment.


imageXan Ling’s BKT $12.00 Ringgit, crossbred between Klang’s strong herbal style mixed with KL’s earthly style. Mild and slightly sweet minus the oil, broth was subtlety enjoyable from the start, nice medium flavors emerged after couple of soup slurps. Pork was lean, medium bodied, well simmered with minimal fats.


imageVillage Ginger Chicken $20.00 Ringgit. Liked chicken quality with little fats, fragrant sesame oil smell finished with ginger enough just for taste. Understand Bentong Ginger is key ingredient to this dish. Bentong Ginger is said to

  1. Combats Stomach Discomfort
  2. Cold and Flu Prevention
  3. Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
  4. Remedies for the Nausea associated Motion Sickness
  5. Improves Absorbtion and Stimulation of essential Nutrients in the body
  6. Strengthens the Immune System
  7. Fights common Respiratory Problems
  8. Combats Morning Sickness
  9. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  10. Colon Cancer Prevention

Screw the “apple a day” and munch on Bentong instead! Anyway, this dish is part of confinement packages that Xan Ling offers. Hence you may wish to skip this on warm weathered days.

imagePork Balls served with sweet chili sauce. Divine juicy meatballs! Made with chestnut & pork minced meat filling, harmonized with chilli sauce.

imageAll the above mentioned costed $52.70 Ringgit. Cheap, good with bacteria busting healthy ginger rice/dishes. Must Try!


imageOther dishes you may be keen. Heard the Pork Ribs Porridge requires 45 mins – 1 hour’s prep time hence call prior to makan session.

imageHappy Bentonging!

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