Msia Style BKT @ Sin Ming

wp-1462464016913.jpgInfluenced since young by Msian Style BKT, I tagged along during early teens, with aunts and uncles to Klang where I developed taste for herbal versions. 

Since then, always preferred that to peppery Teochew clear broth BKT. Today, I write on ABC, located within Midview City’s Canteen @ Sin Ming, just mins walk from Rong Cheng.  ABC, originally from JB, dishes out mouthwatering & tantalizing pork soup served in clayware fired to scorching point retaining heat.



wp-1462464016710.jpg wp-1462464016726.jpg wp-1462546012271.jpg wp-1462464017032.jpg

Semi thick soup, served with mushrooms, beancurd skin, ribs, innards and sliced pork. Contents easily consumed minus long messy rib bones length as long as pencils. Rib meat ain’t tofu soft but simmered nicely to allow peeling off bones upon bite.  Soup wise, must say.. Bravoooo. The picky BKT lover me, highly rate soup‘s standard. Sipping on this herbal, pleasing & intensely enjoyable brown broth transported me to Klang without stamping passport.

wp-1462548244351.jpgNot forgetting thick dark soy, loaded with garlic/padi. Malaysian style. Lets now touch on ABC’s dry version.

wp-1462464016829.jpgCompared to past, finding dry BKT locally presented challenges. More sellers in recent times, inserted this version into menus much to delight and appreciation of BKT lovers. ABC’s cooking process incorporates clever usage of claypot, deliberately heating sides to char sauce in contact with inner claypot surface.


Bottom of claypot, unlike sides, was free from char. Side note – if you dislike ladies fingers, avoid this dish. If you are unsure, just go ahead. Guaranteed to hit the like icon! Thick black sauce, married pork brothers, bro ribs, bro fats & bro lean. Further brought closer together by slimy glue-like textures from ladies fingers, pot contents end results after cooking – produced glossy delectable coated meat pieces to die for.

wp-1462464016378.jpgOnce again, clever usage of charring side of claypot emitting burned flavors combined with sweet sauce + chilli/ginger tangy characters. Drooling yet?


wp-1462464016383.jpgCurry ribs – not too bad. Additional ingredients like straw mushrooms, meatballs available as additional options.


wp-1462551169588.jpgPondered how this mild afro chap’s hands seem heat resistant to open fires. But thanks! Really enjoyed ABC’s BKT. Swing by to try soon.

Abc Bak Kut Teh
Spore – 18 Sin Ming Lane #01-01 Midview City Canteen S573960
JB – 5 Jalan Dedap 13, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru Malaysia
JB – 1 Jalan Gaya 27, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu TiramMalaysia
Tel : 81197063
Mon – Sat : 10.30 am – 8.00 pm (Sundays closed) Date/Time Updated 11.15 am 7th May

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