Sushi Airways – Landed On My Tongue

wp-1463404119273.jpgWhilst hunting for the famous Chendol Soft Serve around Baghdad Street, came across Sushi Airways. Thou around for a few years, it was my virgin meal there. Experience/Food was worth a review even thou made me look passe!  


wp-1462718472911.jpgTouted as the only DC3 aircraft theme restaurant, this plane revolutionized air transport during the 1930s & 1940s. Talk about air passenger experience A – Z. My Sushi Airways land journey starting entry, saw metallic stairways & numerous DC3 greyscale pictures pinned up on left/right side of stair walls. Grey, red, white and black are probably the colors you see till end of flight.



wp-1462718472854.jpgSerious about their theme right down to menu. Only notable missing items were life jackets & oxygen masks.


wp-1463404063130.jpgKani Mentai Cheese Maki $30.00/Plate. Snow crab meat baked with mentai cheese, fish roe topped. Eat while hot! Prolonged sitting of sushi on plate will result in rubbery textures once cheese dries up. Ate other cheese oriented sushi previously but this sets em apart. Matured yet fancy flavors came on board upon landing of moist Kani Mental Cheese Maki x 1 Pc onto my tongue strip. Oishi!


Oyakon Don $13.00/Bowl. Diced chicken, onion & mushroom cooked with donburi sauce & egg on steamed rice. Dish means parent/child rice bowl with chicken as adult, egg as child. Adore Sushi Airway’s preparation of egg/mushroom/onions and chicken semi wet style, just enough to moist top layer of rice with sweet soy flavors. Never liked soaked Dons with pool of sauce reservoir on bottom of bowl.


wp-1463404209426.jpgStop dreaming, the sakes & whiskies ain’t for in-flight duty free!


Grab window facing seats to appreciate beauty of Arab Street.

Sushi Airway flies in fresh seafood produce 4 times a week. Call in prior to visits for Omakase degustation menu with chef preparing dishes based on available seasonal specialties flown in. Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you”.


wp-1463404135384.jpgAirways Bara Chirashi $17.00/Bowl. Assorted raw fish, omelette & cucumber strips sliced on sushi rice. Bara’s flavors weren’t bold enough for me. Perhaps fish cubes wasn’t chunks sizes of my preference. But bowl contents seemed uniform bite size, offering a bit of everything in every spoonful. Caviar looking roe provided short burst of salt perhaps from squid ink.


Shall end post with highlights of meal – Cheese Sushi! Overall, enjoyable experience with reasonable prices nowhere near samurai slice throat costs. Definitely round 2 for me soon.

Went straight down Overunn for Soft Serve Chendol immediately after meal. #Confirmglutton

Sushi Airways Sushi Bar
20A Baghdad Street Singapore199659

Tel : 62911151

Mon – Sun : 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm / 6.00 pm – 9.30 pm


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