Chendol Soft Serve @ Baghdad St

wp-1462720792478.jpgIf you have not tried Overunn’s Chendol soft serve yet, grab yr car keys, ez-link card, bicycle, skateboard whatever and head down to Haji Lane area like ASAP. I made a trip down specially for this ice cream especially cooling in recent volcanic hot weather.wp-1462758385415.jpg100% Muslim Owned, Overunn prep process first dispenses a little soft serve ice cream into a plastic cup, layers surface with Gula Melaka, tops up with more soft serve and finishes with Green Worm Pandan Jelly, Coconut Shavings and more Gula Melaka. They did a recent soft trial of Durian Chendol, sadly only 20 cups were prepared. Worse news than Donald Trump seriously.


wp-1463883301967.jpgThere ain’t any seating available, only sofas for waiting and a little table outdoors. Business has been brisk with sell outs occurring leaving customers disappointed. Do go earlier as that giant dispenser of their’s isn’t enough to cope with demand.

Verdict? To start with, there ain’t much Chendol Soft Serves to begin with. Additionally, entire soft serve package wasn’t sugar sweet sweet sweet. Overloaded Palm sugars usually dominate flavors but Overunn did well without that “Gerlat” body. Must Try!
18 Baghdad Street Singapore 199657
Tues – Sun : 12:00 am – 9.30 pm or sold out (Fridays Open at 2.00 pm)

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