Folk Collective – Shanghai Setting Thai Food

wp-1462898172629.jpgFolk Collective, The Vintage Shophouse recently opened doors for business, joins array of bars & restaurants at China Square. They promote nostalgia yesteryear emphasizing that clock stops ticking over shared meals & memories. Amid FC’s Shanghai setting, serves Thai Comfort food prepared by Thai chefs. Indeed I stayed pretty long without checking time. Service was warm, lights were dimmed, staff ensure we were well taken care of, bar/cashier counter resembling ancient day money changers slowing down watch ticking movements.




Everything from Table, Chairs, Bars to Menu were distinctively designed with no efforts spared.  Thai food, ain’t the cheapest cuisines around however Folk Collective priced menu ensuring you leave with a smile after signing that check.


Ninja Chicken $8.90/Plate. I wiped out that metallic chili bowl.. pungent, garlicky, spicy, sour.. the list goes on. Roasted chicken was prefect compliment to rice. This dish could easily cost $12.00 bucks & above at other Thai joints.

wp-1463845784418.jpgSimply known as The Beef $10.90/plate. Exactly like how Thai stalls/restaurants in the land of smiles would serve them. Prepared well with outer surface slightly charred, soft inner.


wp-1463845748845.jpgCrackling Pork Belly $10.90/Plate. Thought this dish was worth more then $10.90 honestly. Other Thai joints would charge $20 bucks for this same dish! Super crispy outer, crackling good! Once again, served with that fab Thai style chilli.

Do check out their COLLECTIVE COCKTAILS. Interesting names like Yaowarat Burning Vodka, Concubine Siam, StreetdogSoi, Bangkok Bastard will satisfy that alcohol fix. Appreciate how FC puts effort into innovative beverages rather than offering Staple Chang Beer, Singha, Johnnie Walker, House Wine, Thai Ice Tea & Soft Drinks.

Check out Full Menu here – Folk Collective Menu

Folk Collective China Square (The Vintage Shophouse)
20 Cross Street #01-25 China Square Central, Singapore 048422
Tel : 65366739
Mon – Friday : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm. Sat : 12.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Closed Sundays)
Web :

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