My $15.00 Packet of Hokkien Mee

wp-1463888117323.jpgNot picture prefect as tabao-ed & not nicely plated, but important is packet’s content! Was driving home and passed by Moulmein, stopped by Whampoa Market for Singapore Hokkien Mee. Quite a while since I ate this and packed for 5 hungry folks hence ordered the biggest portion. Whopping $15.00 bucks.

Fifteen Dollars was max but stall attendant mentioned they could do $20 bucks as well.

wp-1463888106377.jpgMy $15.00 noodles had to be placed in an aluminium foil, imagine $100 bucks portion they probably have to scoop noodles into a trash bag.


wp-1463888190552.jpgPretty sure you guys might have eaten at this stall before, those who have not tried should make a trip down. Why? Read On.


20160522_113440.jpgTabao-ed food is pretty challenging to describe especially when gravy is concerned. Contents were consumed shortly after reaching home and yup, similiar taste as I tried before on site. Mid sized prawns were de-shelled, fresh and chewy. “Wok Taste” was apparent in every bite of noodles, cripsy bits of lard provided fragrance and tangy sambal chilli mixed up with noodles, squeezed with 2 big ass limes provided further comfort.

Still, would have preferred to dine at market, noodles fresh plated from wok. Mee would be more al dente without gravy semi soaked into noodles. Noted that usual suspect Mr 3 Layer pork was also missing from Sotong/Prawn/Pork Gang. Good to have, ain’t essential thou.


Certainly no rushed job. Patiently prepared with lotsa wok action + braising of noodles with rich stock.


Queue starts here. One of it’s kind in Spore and probably most sophisticated hawker serving layout. Food goes over the wall instead of front. Chat up with this lady, she’s really friendly and literally looks down on you 🙂


Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee
Whampoa Market. 90 Whampoa Drive Makan Place #01-32 Singapore 320090
Tel : 62512857
Mon – Sun : 4.00 pm – 1.30 am.

One thought on “My $15.00 Packet of Hokkien Mee”

  1. For the Chicken rice lovers,
    88 Chicken Rice prepared daily early in the morning 4 – 5am , fresh ,tasty in the traditional way no MSG. 😘👍
    Store located in West Coast market


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