Hotel Jen J65 Tanglin Buffet

20160624_011551.jpgOf all buffets I have been to, found J65 to have best value for money. Hotel focuses predominately on quality instead of quantity. You find yourself going for 2nd servings of same dishes instead of bits of everything. Hard to find Nyonya snacks like Kueh Pie Tee, Traditional Nyonya desserts are not only available, but done explicitly well too. Diners form mini crowds around stations awaiting freshly rolled Penang Popiah while others try hands on Rojak tossing DIY.

J65 offers comforting visuals + prep your own food activities for families to partake in, rather than e usual sit, eat till vomit and bye buffets. This is my 5th trip here year 2016 btw making much % of my annual 8 or so buffet hotel trips.20160706_195230.jpg20160624_013400.jpg


Seafood! Always promptly topped up, fresh and inviting Sliced Salmon Sashimi, Tiger Prawns, Sri Lankan Crab, Black Mussels and Scallops never fails to sort out my crustacean fix.20160624_011453.jpg20160624_011846.jpg20160624_011941.jpg20160624_012800.jpg

Cooked + Cooking Stations! Mini newton hawker centre compacted into J65’s live cooking section. Laksa, Prawn Noodles, Chicken Rice, Roasted Delights, Oyster Omelette, Satay… the list goes on.20160624_013958.jpg20160624_012905.jpgChicken rice sauce condiments down to details. Some chicken rice stalls don’t even offer sticky dark sauce + ginger puree which why I gave J65 thumbs up (or a Like).

Cooked food items offers healthy mix of Authentic Baba, Indian, Cantonese & Dishes of International influence.20160624_011752.jpg20160624_014321.jpg20160624_014553.jpg20160624_014506.jpg20160624_013103.jpg20160624_013002.jpg20160624_012018.jpg

Indian Food Lovers – Present to you KING of Bryanis – Mutton Bryani – Beautiful Indian spices, thick curry sauce with topped yogurt. Juicy fatty meats served with basmati rice slightly soaked in thick curry – Went wild over this one. Chef totally nailed it! 20160624_014115.jpgA lot more offerings like Bak Kut Teh, Steam Fish Hong Kong Style, Stir Fried Spore Chili Clams, Liver Fried Rice, Sushi and much much more. Executive Chef Frederick Kho spared no effort in curation, quality assurance and overall food beauty.

Touching on J65 Sweet Section, will save you money especially for those familiar with pricey Nyonya Kuehs. If purchased elsewhere, dozen or more kueh/cakes could set one back by $10 – $12 bucks. Here at J65, eat all you want. Also easily The most impressive array of ice cream & cakes available for local hotel buffets, please pls pls pls make space for em.20160624_012405.jpg20160624_014708.jpg20160624_012700.jpg20160624_012553.jpg

20160624_013237.jpgNever cramped up, table spacing offers generous gaps minimizing flying crabs accidents. Service levels maintain even with frenzy action during peak dining hours + prices goes down well with wallets. Sunday to Thursday: 6.00 pm – 9.30 pm S$45.00++. Friday & Saturday: 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm S$55.00++. Wait no more! Remember to ask for credit card specials. Visit J65 Website for more details!

Post is brought to you by J65 Hotel Jen Tanglin.

J65 – Hotel Jen Tanglin (Ground Level)

1A Cuscaden Road, 249716, Singapore

Tel : 6831 4374

Open : Daily

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