Malacca Breakfast + Jonker Fried Ice Cream

20160707_002114.jpgPardon my teeth marks, didn’t have a knife to slice neatly this lovely fried ice cream while touring Jonker a week back. Jonker Walk, honestly food isn’t appealing having been to Melaka since young. Tonnes of other cheaper, good food without snake queues elsewhere but it’s e atmosphere that keeps me visiting. This bloke, dressed in crisp black chef’s uniform with name displayed prominently at chest area, manning this fried ice cream stall caught my attention.


This chap is serious about his ice cream. Stall is super neat, systematic, cook (Or fry) with flair and passionate for his business. Every fried ice cream is delicately wrapped in this napkin and placed carefully into plastic wrapping.  20160707_002159.jpgwp-1467821952438.jpg

Ice cream crust was soft mid crusty almost like an egg tart’s crust, ice cream didn’t melt immediately, plus showmanship of chef in black was visually entertaining. Highly recommended!

On to breakfast in rustic Malacca, many Singaporeans or Malaysian City Dwellers probably head up Hatten Hotel as their chosen holiday accommodation. If driving, do take a 15 mins drive up Ujong Pasir where many smaller coffeeshops serve Malacca style breakfast like noodles, carrot cake etc.

Highly recommend Hilir Garden Ice Cafe/Coffeeshop. wp-1467821713747.jpgThis coffeeshop stall owners, with some English speaking, makes you feel at home. Chat up with their family history, what they did yesterday, the week before the month before. Owners engage without hesitation. Best kakis in seconds.

What do I usually eat here? My fave noodles is the Duck Noodles. Strange enough, if tabao-ed and left 1 hour inside plastic bag, sauce soaks into noodles and actually render texture of noodles slightly wetter but full of flavor without feeling mushy.

But anyway, I like their duck soup hence prefer dining on site. 20160707_001823.jpgDark sauce gives this sweet taste plus plenty of fried shallot + accompanying oil provided slick coating to noodles and duck meat. Very different from Spore style braised duck noodles. And it’s cheap if converted to Sing Dollar. RM $4.50 converted back Sing translates to S$1.50. That’s a Can of Coke here man..

Next Up – FIshball Soup. I usually just order the soup w/o noodles. 20160707_001647.jpg20160707_002540.jpgAlways an SOP. Fishball Soup, Duck Noodles and Char Kuay Teow (next up). Fishballs are fried hence rather different from what Spore hawkers offer. Broth was probably laden with MSG but sure tasted good (May have some bone essence but soup was too clear). Fishcake was chewy and tender. Good quality fish I must say used as ingredients for production of balls and cake.

Finally, Char Kuay Teow. Simple stall, one light bulb, one wok in Malaysia can jalan business already. How i wished it was that simple in Spore as well!20160707_002433.jpg

20160707_001434.jpgThis? Must try. Generous amounts of garlic, high fire frying made flat noodles semi crispy, couple of clams, almost 3/4 Singapore 1/4 Penang mix style. Sinful oily stuff thou. Add the below picture brown sauce for more depth! Slightly sweet but pretty heavy stuff. Exactly what goes on inside, is a mystery.


The carrot cake is ok so so. Chicken rice not too bad but Spore version preferred. Drinks are cheap, location easy to find, ample parking or rather no government parking available. Swing by one day for BF, ditch the food courts and go old skool!


Restoran Hilir Garden Ice Cafe

360-A Jalan Low Hee Kong, 75050 Melaka, Taman Hilir, Malaysia

Tel : NA

Daily : Unknown

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