Tuas $18.00 Bucks Beef Noodles

wp-1467818425877.jpgFor those who do not work in Tuas, or seldom frequent Tuas (I m one of em as I work in Central North), be pleasantly surprised with this modern cafe named Greenhouse Cafe. A business acquaintance bought lunch here and recommend house’s Beef Noodles. Firstly, at $18 bucks, I wondered what was in store. Could get a quarter pail of beef noodles for $18 bucks elsewhere. To begin with, cafe wasn’t too busy as we reached post peak lunch hours. The beef noodles took a while to prepare and i wondered if they were slaughtering the cow back kitchen.

Upon presentation onto table, realised why prep took a while. Painstakingly done up with nice presentation, this humongous bowl of dry gravy noodles shocked me momentary. Cafe operators chose ramen sized bowls and contents followed suit with generous servings.

At this point I regretted ordering extra beef balls. Which surprisingly served in a separate bowl with additional gravy. Presumably to show it’s genuinely “extra” portions. wp-1467818436811.jpg20160706_231959.jpgThe balls, sliced beef meat, noodles are regular stuff like how other noodle stalls serve em. Can’t go wrong but what set apart Greenhouse’s version was it’s sauce and soup full of beefy herbal flavors. Thick, nicely salted, hearty gravy coated noodles well topped with salted vegetables and ground nuts.

Really different as gravy had this Tee Por (Sole Fish) character. Might be slightly salt-ish for light palates but certainly worth a try. Small eaters could even share a bowl given generous portions.

20160706_232122.jpgEither I m ignorant that such cafes operated in Tuas or more may already serve diners around Tuas area I don’t really know. My impression of the area is industrialized with main food sources via kopitiam like how i always got my food whenever hunger strikes me there.

Happy thou! Greenhouse Cafe serves much more like Burgers, Nasi Goreng, Pastas, Steaks, Japanese Food, Salads etc. Check this out. Huge menu, comfortable setting plus ample seating. Will be back 🙂

Greenhouse Cafe
30 Tuas Bay Drive, Design Hub Singapore 637548
Tel : 6863 0110
Daily : 9.30 am – 4.00 pm (Closed Weekends)


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