Born & bred in Singapore, I travelled regularly to Malaysia since young for weddings, house warming occasions and other family affairs thanks to my Malaccan born dad. Always pondered why my aunts and uncles could drive hours just for a bowl of savoury herbal beef soup, queue and wait 2 hours for fluffy frog leg egg horfun and even travel state to state just to makan a bowl of famous fishball mee.

Today, at 35 years of age, I continue my folk’s legacy in search for good food only to travel shorter distances here. No 3 hours drive from KL to Muar for Assam fish! A mere 30 mins is all it takes to zip around Singapore. Had my fair share of same dishes but cooked different styles. Klang bak kut teh & local bkt, Malacca chicken rice ball vs local chicken rice, KL hokkien mee vs local hokkien mee. With makankaki.sg, I aim to spread my delicious food adventures with focus on hawker fare with the occasional “Atas” meals. Beside Chinese makan, my desire for Malay and Indian food will satisfy all readers!

My early teenage days, with parents working, the young me had to fend for my own meals, I developed some cooking skills to keep my tummy filled. Cooked my first chilli crab at 14! Check out my cook category as well.


Lipton Tee (Not Tea) is Makankaki.sg food host for our Msia Makan secton. We both share the same passion for good food in particular hawker fare.

Heading down to Malaysia for the weekend? Pop by to see what Lipton has recommended! He constantly reviews food mainly in Melaka, KL, Penang and other parts of Malaysia as well.

Be sure to keep visiting us. Having good food with good kakis means the world to us!

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