Hotel Jen J65 Tanglin Buffet

20160624_011551.jpgOf all buffets I have been to, found J65 to have best value for money. Hotel focuses predominately on quality instead of quantity. You find yourself going for 2nd servings of same dishes instead of bits of everything. Hard to find Nyonya snacks like Kueh Pie Tee, Traditional Nyonya desserts Continue reading Hotel Jen J65 Tanglin Buffet

My $15.00 Packet of Hokkien Mee

wp-1463888117323.jpgNot picture prefect as tabao-ed & not nicely plated, but important is packet’s content! Was driving home and passed by Moulmein, stopped by Whampoa Market for Singapore Hokkien Mee. Quite a while since I ate this and packed for 5 hungry folks hence ordered the biggest portion. Whopping $15.00 bucks.
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New Ubin Seafood Wine Dinner

wp-1463817225533.jpgAttended an Kanonkop & Klein Constantia wine dinner co-organized by Cellarmasters & New Ubin Seafood. Heard of New Ubin Seafood’s strict booking system, and had once made a booking but unfortunately cancelled due to timing constraints. It’s so popular you can’t seat as you wish till the cows come home. There are timing restrictions of roughly 2 hours max you could in dine on premises.  Continue reading New Ubin Seafood Wine Dinner

Sushi Airways – Landed On My Tongue

wp-1463404119273.jpgWhilst hunting for the famous Chendol Soft Serve around Baghdad Street, came across Sushi Airways. Thou around for a few years, it was my virgin meal there. Experience/Food was worth a review even thou made me look passe!  
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