Q : What do I, as Editor for makankaki.sg do for a living?
A : I serve as Director to Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd. We supply wines, spirits and beers to bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs. Feel free to visit Barworks Web for wedding wines, home delivery & perhaps supply of alcoholic beverages to establishments.

Q : Do I put down poor food joint owners by writing negative stuff about their food?
A : No I don’t. Lousy food will not make it to this blog in the first place. However, makankaki.sg stays neutral in cases knowing that particular food reviews could be subjective. I may like it, You may not. To add on, bad food, don’t always stay bad hence never reasonable to judge, award permanent red cards for lousy food which may improve forward looking.

Q :  Is everything about food?
A : I post occasional travel escapades and will recommend hotels, where to eat and what to do as well.

Q :  Could I post more “10 Things To Eat in AMK Market” or “50 Best Foods In Bedok” reviews of such nature or even “20 Recommended Dishes In XXX Restaurant”
A : It’s immensely popular yes, however, as much as I could, it’s slightly impossible to genuinely eat more than a glutton. Will die of health attack in my thirties. Usually dine alone or with wife hence eating capacity ain’t bottomless. Reviews are based on actual consumption unless dining with big group of kakis who could help taste/eat 20 items on menu.

Q :  Are reviews arranged prior with food businesses?
A : Nope, most are mystery eats. I do not reveal identity as food blogger before/after meals.

Q :  Website Visitors?
A : 85% of visitors hail from Singapore. Remaining mainly from Malaysia, followed by States, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, UK & Cambodia. (In ranking order)

Q :  Instagram Eats. Tell me more?
A : Instagram eats postings may not constitute to food recommendations. Posting may have occurred due to instagramable food pics worth a snap.

Q :  Any Disclaimers?
A : Yes. Operation hours, date closures and cessation of businesses stated in past reviews are not updated. Always double check with Mr Google before making that trip.